Why did a question for my Atlas “fail”?

A question from a user fails when the Atlas is unable to respond with information from the content added. That means that a user asked for information that is unavailable or unrelated to the Atlas, or the Atlas artificial intelligence (AI) did not recognize the phrasing of the question and could not produce an answer based on its content items. The percentage of “succesful” and “failed” questions for your Atlas can be found under the Atlas Metrics tool.

How do I improve a content item?

Each content item has three areas: a title (required), a question (optional), and context (required). If you are looking to improve your Atlas success rate, providing a “Question” for the content item helps the Atlas AI detect what a user is asking for and respond accordingly. The My Atlas: Analytics tools provide a visual breakdown of successful and failed questions, this information can be used to form a content item “Question”.

Why would I add an optional “Question” to my content item?

Adding the optional “Question” to your content item can be very useful to the users of the Atlas because when their question matches, or is similar to, your content item “Question”, the information of that content item will be shown right away in its entirety. When there is no “Question” added, the Atlas AI will work to try to infer the answer by scanning all of the contents of the Atlas and selecting whichever content it deems most relevant. The Atlas AI usually does a pretty good job, but if you want to be certain that a particular question leads to a specific answer, adding a “Question” to your content item is the way to go. With just a little more guidance, the AI can work better and more accurately for you.

How do I use the analytical tools?

Every Atlas has its own individual data that can be found in the My Atlas: Analytics section that updates in real time. For a detailed list of questions and answers, you have the option to download the raw data under Atlas Metrics. Use the feedback from these tools to determine what information users want from your Atlas and then form content item “questions” to improve the accuracy of your Atlas responses.

How do I test my Atlas?

Each Atlas has it own private Atlas Playground which allows you to test the accuracy of the questions and answers before you make the Atlas available to a wider audience. Simply type your questions in the test pane to receive your Atlas answers.