Chatlas, the Voice Atlas chatbot, can be seamlessly integrated for you and your Atlas users on the Microsoft Teams™ collaboration platform. After enabling, the page will automatically refresh and your chatbot will be active. You can share this Atlas with anyone using Microsoft Teams.

The instructions below can be used only if you have Administrative privileges in your Microsoft Teams Organization.

Activate the Microsoft Teams™ Integration in your Voice Atlas Account

  1. Go to the Voice Atlas Web App.

  2. Introduce your email and password into the form.

  3. Click “OPEN” on the Atlas for which you would like to enable a chatbot.

  4. Click the “Integrations” tab.

  5. Under Microsoft Teams click “OPEN”.

  6. Click the “TOGGLE” in the top, right hand-corner.

Download Voice Atlas App on Microsoft Teams™

  1. Login into your Microsoft Teams desktop application.
  2. On the left panel click on the “App Studio”.
  3. On the right upper side, click on the “Manifest editor” tab.
  4. DOWNLOAD our Voice Atlas App for Microsoft Teams.
  5. Click on “Import an existing tab” and select the zip file downloaded on the previous step and click on “Open”.
  6. Still on the App Studio, on the left panel, click on “Test and Distribute” it is the last option
  7. Click on “Publish”.

Once the application has been published, all members of this Microsoft Teams Organization will have access to it.

Create your Voice Atlas Chatbot for use in Microsoft Teams™

When your Atlas is ready, follow these instructions to integrate it with Microsoft Teams:

  1. Login into your Microsoft Teams desktop application.
  2. Go to the team of your choice.
  3. On the upper side of the screen you should see the “Voice Atlas” tab, if not click on the “+”.
  4. Select “Voice Atlas”.
  5. In the windows that opens up, insert the Atlas ID and Security Token provided under the Microsoft Teams Voice Atlas Integration set up.
  6. Click SAVE under the Microsoft Teams Voice Atlas Integration set up on the Voice Atlas Web App, and then the Microsoft Teams desktop app.

* If you don’t see the Voice Atlas tab, please contact the Administrator of your Microsoft Teams organization and indicate the instructions of the Installation section.